My Study of Other Artist

These are photographers that I found really fascinating and have read some about. Would like to find out more about them and their way from the beginning to more successful. These two photographers are in direct opposite to each other, Mike Disfarmer stands for the old and Dave Hill for the Modern and I believe that could be a good aspect for me to learn from. Since I don’t have any museum or exhibitions where I live and it’s a pretty remote place, well then I will have to find my inspiration from books and Internet, at least for now. Hopefully some exhibition will come up even here, you never know. I do however feel that living in a place like this makes my creativity come out much, much more,  comparing to if I would live in a bigger town, then it almost goes away. I guess it comes with the fact that I feel more relaxed here and don’t have all that stress. I cant say that I like all of these two photographers work, but there are some that I feel stands out.

So being in my right element helps me taking better pictures.

After reading about Mike Disfarmer….

  • Dave Hill

Website: Dave Hill Photography

  • Mike Disfarmer

Website: Mike Disfarmer


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