Project – Photographing Movement / Exercise – Shutter Speeds

For this exercise I will start with setting my camera in Shutter Priority mode. Even though I could chose Manual mode, but I feel as I need to learn more first on how to pick the right Aperture with the right Shutter mode. I even made my own sign for S-Mode, shutter priority. And I have picked Water to work with. I like to work with water cause it is an earth element that is calming and relaxing and you can make such a remarkable changes to it depending on how you shoot it. And it’s beautiful. I was thinking of how one could create rainbows from a handmade water source, must be possible I think and hope.

When it comes to my pictures below and the settings that I took them in, with the backgrounds and where the water flow, it wasn’t the best I must admit. But it was good practice. And I’m glad that chose to use a water source from the garden rather then going to a nearby water stream, cause it gave me more time to figure things out between the shoots and have my computer nearby to look at them straight away to see if I was on the right track.

I’m trying really hard here to take pictures of running water. I have tried the S-mode and I had an ISO on 400 since it was cloudy outside, I thought I might need a bit higher ISO. However the pictures was so overexposed so they were all white every single one of them. I didn’t have the flash on. So this has really got me thinking and back I am researching for an answer to why that happened.

After some researching I went back out to give it another try, and this time the pictures turned out to dark. However One could see the effect of the water from switching the shutter speed, and with some added exposure in photoshop it became more visible, but you can clearly see the poor quality of the pictures. I will need to do some more research and give it another try tomorrow. I wasn’t to sure if I should post at least one of those pictures, even though they were to dark and bad quality, but I do. See below. The first one is the original. The second is with some exposure from photoshop. The third one is taken with a auto setting, just for me to see the difference. Again, no tripod, just a table and some books. Picture is taken during daytime outside on a cloudy day.

Photo No 1 and 2:

S- Mode

F- stop 4,5

Shutter 1/6000

ISO 200

Focal length 70mm

No flash

Picture No 3:

Auto mode

F-stop 4,5

Shutter 1/45

Focal length 70mm

No flash

So, one thing I have done now is to check my exposure setting on the camera and I found out that is was on 3, so I lowered it to 0.

I’m out again testing some and this is what came out. This time I had change the exposure from 3 to 0, even if the exposure setting was 3 it shouldn’t have made the picture darker like it did, but I thought I change it to neutral just in case. I played around with both setting for aperture and shutter. Below is the original picture, nothing is done with it.

Picture No 4:

Manual mode

F- stop 8

Shutter 1/10

Focal length 62

No flash

So I’ve been in and done some researching and out I go again, it has become darker outside so I have to use the strong light on 1000watt that I have on the house, plus I use a flash lamp pointed towards the water. This time I will use the cameras flash as well and this is what I come up with, see below. I will put other numbers on the ones in the gallery, so they will not continue from above. WOW! This is so fabulous! Cause I just figured out that one can put in these photo gallery’s here. What a good way to show the pictures on, and not so much space requiring since I can write on each picture The data. This time it went much better and they didn’t turn out all white or all dark even though one is darker and that would be cause by having the lowest F-stop = 30 and slowest shutter and probably no flash, we’ll see cause I need to add the data now.

                                                                                                              Gallery Shutter Speeds Taken During Dark

So I’ve learned that if I set my cameras f-stop to the highest number “27” and my shutter speed to the slowest “30sec”, it will create a dreamy  blurry look of the picture. And if I do the other way around it will create a more sharp picture. But if it is dark outside, I will get more sharper picture with settings like f-stop 27 and shutter 30sec, if I have understood this right. Well this is a learning log so I wouldn’t bet my right arm on that being absolute accurate, meaning the last I said.

I thought I would get my friend to run for me, so that I could have some shots of that as well, we’ll see if he has the time for that.


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