Project Focus / Exercise – Focus with a set aperture

Took these three pictures tonight. At first I was thinking of taking pictures of some trees for this exercise, but I couldn’t really come up with a view that had a good depth to it, so I used the table on the porch and found these wooden things that actually are a summer game. Since it was dark I used a flashlight from the right and I’m surprised that my cameras flash only went on two times out of three. This was a really exiting exercise and I was eager to see the result. Since I don’t have a tripod, I used a table and some books as one.

It seemed much easier to get a good picture from the woods that were closest, and it was really tricky to get a good picture of the wood most distance and still try to keep all the woods in the picture and also try to keep the same angle. Maybe if I had had a different lens and also I could have stood from a longer distance. These pictures was taking at a pretty good close up distance. I will add all the pictures information on each one so that I can easy see how my cameras settings were. I like picture nr one best cause you can really see how it stands out most and I’m really disappointed with picture nr two, the one where the wood  most distance should be in focus, I didn’t like this one so much cause it’s seems so lame and I shouldn’t have put the higher piece of wood there. I do like close ups very much and it would be great to try out a micro lens some day. Maybe I will try to do this exercise one more time to post here, but then put the table where I can have more space and I was thinking of using a very strong light source that are 1000watt, have been thinking about it allot, so i will need to try that some other night.

The exercise is to stand at the same place and use the widest aperture, which is 70mm with my Camera lens Nikkor 18-70mm and focus on different subjects of those standing in a row. So I have focused firstly on the wood closest and second I have focused on the wood furthest away. I will use the same aperture setting for both and have the lowest F-stop number in order for this to work. Must say that I like the idea of taking pictures in the dark and using different light sources and also its good to not have to worry about the background like this time when the background turned all black.Since the background of the object is very important when you taking pictures, its nice to not have to bother so much about it and the object comes more in focus, I have seen a photographer that does this allot and he creates amazing photos, need to look up what his name was and add him for my studies about other photographers.



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