Some About Me

So what about me! Briefly! I’m an adventures Explorer, that prefer WARMER climate, or else I’m freezing most of the time. I Love!! Wilderness * Nature * Wild Animals * Travel * Learning from LIFE * Taking a stand for INJUSTICES committed towards innocent people * (That was briefly, but here is more)…………

My biggest LOVE in Life is My Wonderful Son Viktor whom has gotten so big “So Fast” as he is now 18 years old. Love him so much, and miss him every day.

I have been working earlier as a Heavy Truck Driver of all kinds of trucks. But it’s not a dream job and it can be very boring after some years, finding that there has no creativity to it at all. I did however have a romantic view of it in the beginning and at  times I did really enjoy driving and being on my way and not have to sit still in some office, which I wouldn’t be able to do even today. I liked the freedom it gave me and I was mighty impressed by Huge American Trucks, 18 wheelers. But that romantic view has gone away and I want to do something creative with my life. So! there it was!!!! Photography’…Mmmmm, Yes. Loved it from the first beginning and I could find myself sit and watch others people’s work on the internet and Flickr very very often, until 1 day I decided to open my own flickr account just to collect my old family photos there. But as I did that and I got so inspired by other photographers that shared their photos there and I decided to give it a try myself and I therefore just grabbed my camera and went outside to try to capture photos in a more artistic way and this was the photo I did manage to capture just right outside my house at that time. See picture below.

Once I did that! “Tried to capture photos in a more artistic way”, which I had never done before, I totally loved it! It gave me such a peace inside. This was in 2009 and I havent had a really good camera until today. I did get some nice response when I did put my pictures out there and it was a very pleasant way to receive and give rewards upon each others photographs. It really boosted my enthusiasm. I did start getting out there in the sundown and sunset, even climbed at the top of my house roof and could find myself sitting out in the high grass for some nice captures. The picture below is another one of those captures of mine and I remember on this one that I was aiming to hold the camera as still as I could, cause I wanted to get one of those “Crispy” images, and for being with a camera of only 3 mega pixels, well judge for your self. Either way! I felt very proud of it and still do today.

Need to add that last but not least! I do also Love very much to work with my photos in Photoshop, it’s amazing what you can do it that programme, totally Enjoy it. Soo! 2nd of May, 2012! The magic date when I started my photographic studies. I have high expectations to when it comes to my recently started photo education and I am aiming towards a degree, that would be so nice and I will do my very best to get there. Some peace along that way, and everything should work out just fine.


My Photo Equipment Since May, 2012

  • Camera: Nikon D 7000
  • Lens: Nikkor AF-S DX 16-85mm f/3.5-5.6G IF-ED VR
  • Tripod: Bilora Perfect pro with head Bilora Kugelkopf
  • Remote Control: Håhnel Pro Remote control, Combi TF for Nikon
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Think Tank Suncover
  • Laptop: DELL XPS L702X CI7 2.2 8GB/750 GT555M 17.3″ W7HP NORDIC

John Edgar Hoover (January 1, 1895 – May 2, 1972) was the first Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of the United States.

Also I would hope for all of you to take time to read about Organized Gang Stalking, Mind Control/Directed energy Weapons Abuse and Torture and Help Fight it! There is nothing Science Fiction about it. I will put loads of information regarding this here on my blog as well. I do feel strongly when it comes to spread information and awareness around this Horrific Crime and Myself have been a Victim of it since 2005 now. I would urge you to share what you will learn about it from my blog here and even other sites, even though it can sometimes be people out there on the internet that are sharing Incorrect Information Regarding it. Please read about it here…


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